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Rise of the BIOHYBRID MACHINES: Robots part HUMAN part ANDROID on the way

Lead author Leonardo Ricotti, of the BioRobotics Institute at the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, in Pisa, Italy, told Live Science: “You can consider this the counterpart of cyborg-related concepts.

“In this view, we exploit the functions of living cells in artificial robots to optimise their performances.”

If robots on a microscopic scale – nanobots – can be fine tuned using muscle cells or carrying beneficial, they will be able to explore the human body and help to cure ailments in a specific part of the body, such as cancerous cells.

Will robots take our jobs? U of I computer science students debate

COEUR DALENE The Department of Computer Science at University of Idaho Coeur dAlene will host a debate on whether robots will take our jobs, and show off the skills of one such robot that has been taught by students, during an event Wednesday, Dec. 6, at Coeur dAlenes Innovation Den.

U of I Coeur dAlene computer science students Amanda Ward and Adrian Beehner will square off in a formal Lincoln-Douglas-style debate on the issue of whether robots will take all human jobs. The event is from 6-8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 6, at the Innovation Den, 418 E. Lakeside Ave. The speakers will look at a number of robot-related issues and hear views from both sides of the debate. Admission is free.

One of the great issues of our time is how AI (artificial Intelligence) and increased use of robotics is going to affect our society and our democracy, said John Shovic, clinical faculty for U of I Coeur dAlenes Department of Computer Science. The Great Robot Debate will help educate the students and the public to the issues in a respectful, civil and thoughtful manner.

Prior to the debate, university robot Baxter will demonstrate tasks such as making coffee that the 300-pound machine learned after being programmed by U of Is advanced computer science robotics students.

The event is part of the worldwide Computer Science Education Week. The university, in partnership with Gizmo-CDA, is hosting an event each night of the week Dec. 4 9. All the events will have a computer science focus and will be geared toward different age groups. For details on the events, visit

The Department of Computer Science is in its second year in Coeur dAlene and the programs first graduate will finish this spring. In partnership with North Idaho College, students are able to concurrently enroll at U of I and the college to take the courses needed to receive a Bachelors degree in computer science without leaving Coeur dAlene.

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